Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Rumors to Sport Larger, 5.8″ 4K Screen Display

Samsung pushed smartphone innovations to a whole new level with the concept of the Galaxy Note Edge, and the second release looks to be even better. With the initial stance of a limited market release most innovative smartphone, the upcoming Galaxy Note Edge 2 should be for all to see. On the success of the curved display and unique Edge controls, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 rumors are beginning to take off.

While most markets have finished with their debuts, there is much talk of things to come. New Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 rumors are showing some amazing concept changes including a larger screen, faster processor, 4K display, and the highest priced smartphone to date.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Rumors

Below, we have broken down all of the current Galaxy Note Edge 2 rumors including the detailed specs to date:

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Rumors – 5.8” Screen

As people are looking for something bigger and better, it seems that the Galaxy Note Edge 2 screen will be just that. While the 5.6” Note Edge screen is still one of the biggest, the screen size of the second release looks to be even bigger.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Rumors – 4K Display

A 4K display is only fitting, as Samsung looks to introduce the four times that of high definition screen displays in their late 2015 flagships. It is also being rumored that the Galaxy Note 5 will feature the 4K display, and all upcoming flagships from there. 4K would create one amazing screen resolution of about 4550 x 3540.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Rumors – Octa-Core Processor

The time is filly here for us to witness the long-awaited Snapdragon Qualcomm 810 octa-core processor. Featuring four A-57 and four A-53 cores running simultaneously, the octa-core technology will be one of the fastest and most efficient processors in any smartphone.

Release Date and Price Update

September 2015 is believed to be the official Samsung announcement for two of the year’s best, as both the Note 5 and Note 2 Edge are expected to debut. Samsung has been quite consistent with its smartphone release date schedule, and there’s no reason to think that this won’t change with the upcoming Galaxy Note Edge 2 release date.

One thing that we’re patiently waiting to see is if the second Note Edge will be a limited market release as in the first. We’ve been hearing rumors that it will be launched as a worldwide release which makes the most sense considering the huge consumer interest with the Edge concept. In larger markets, the official release is expected in early November, with some markets in Asia getting their first peak by the end of October.

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