Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Release in 4th Quarter 2015 with Larger Screen

Most were unsure how successful the Galaxy Note Edge would be, but many would say Samsung had a really good idea. For some reason, Samsung seems to know what many others do not as the writing was on the wall way back when the original Galaxy Note released some four years ago. Hot of the heals of what was intended to be a limited market release we are hearing rumors that a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 would be seen in 2015.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2

The release for the original Note Edge has come and gone, and the reviews are much better than most have initially speculated. The rave reviews support the idea that a second release will become a realty in the coming year, and the limited market release is probably a thing of the past.

Despite the fact that the Edge was just released not even a couple of months ago, there are numerous rumors surrounding things to come with the second edition. A larger screen, faster processor, more camera megapixels, and so much more are expected to once again turn the heads of consumers. The curved Edge controls will once again become the focal point as the Edge concept is also rumored to be introduced in the upcoming Galaxy S6.

The current rumors on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 specs start with a slightly larger screen. The Edge 2 is expected to debut a 5.7 or 5.8” screen and should have a 4K display. This will be slightly better than the Galaxy Note Edge screen that featured a 5.6” screen with a resolution of 1600 x 2560. The 4K display will be made possible with the Snapdragon Qualcomm 810 processor that will feature eight cores running side by side.

Other Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 rumors will gives users more features for their money. More memory as it will be expandable to 256 MB with a larger micro SD card, and a 128 MB option for internal memory. More juice with a 3500 mAh battery and an increase in both front and back camera megapixels. The front camera is expected to see an increase from 16 to 18 MP, and the rear is expecting at least 5 MP which is up from the 3.7 MP Galaxy Note Edge front camera.

We’re hoping that the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 release date coincides with the original release schedule. If so, we can expect to see the 2nd release for sure in 2015, with many Asian markets expecting it during the 1st week in November. Hopefully, here in the US we won’t see the same delays as Verizon customers are still awaiting the Galaxy Note Edge US release.

While much of the above is mere speculation at this point, it does coincide with the current rumors on a new Edge 2. Stay tuned for more on the overall concept of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 as we’ll be patiently awaiting the official announcement.

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