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5 of the Key Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features that are Buzzing the Tech Community

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We are still several months away from seeing the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But the rumors on its potential features have already begun to buzz the tech community. In this article, you will find 5 of the most significant ones among them.

5 of the Key Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features that are Buzzing the Tech Community

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features: Removable Battery Manufactured by LG

The battery burning issue had forced Samsung to completely shut the production of the Galaxy Note 7 down. The next time, the company is not going to take another risk. According to the recent reports, the battery of the Note 8 will be manufactured by LG. And it will be removable. So, you will be able to replace it pretty easily, which you cannot do with the Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features: Dual-Edge Display

Similar to the abandoned Galaxy Note 7, the Note 8 will feature the dual-edge display. Yes, it is not a functional feature. But it can enhance the overall look of the device significantly. The Note 8 will not be the only one to come with the specific feature. All the flagship Galaxy smartphones, including Galaxy S8, will have it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features: AI Voice Assistant

The current-generation S-voice system is really good. However, it has become outdated. More importantly, it is gradually falling behind in terms of competition with Siri. Realizing the fact, Samsung will use the all-new AI voice assistant in the Galaxy Note 8. You can use it to perform different tasks, like finding nearby restaurants, through the voice command. One of the most amazing feature will be its ability to evolve based on the way you use it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features: Upgraded S-Pen with Speaker

Samsung is planning to upgrade the S-Pen in a way that no stylus has ever seen before. The company has filed a patent, which reveals an advanced S-Pen that features a speaker. Yes, it sounds really weird. But it will definitely bring out a unique application of the stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features: Massive RAM and Internal Storage Upgrade

The abandoned Note 7 had 4 GB RAM, which had helped it to outperform the competitors. The next-gen Note 8 will feature even more RAM. The recent reports have claimed that the capacity of the RAM will be 6 GB. It might transform the device into the fastest phablet of this year. In addition, the capacity of the internal storage will be upgraded to 128 GB. It will support expansion through the MicroSD card slot. So, you will have a lot of space.

This is the end of the article. Keep in touch with us to find all the news, rumors and features of the Galaxy Note 8.

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