Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Price and Release Date Rumors

While most of us are still breaking in our Galaxy Note 4, the current rumors on the next release is quickly gaining consumer’s attention. With the Phablet has arguably become the most popular smartphone brand, Samsung looks to continue what it started some four years ago. As we look towards the future of Android smartphones for 2015 we can’t help but mention the inevitable Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rumors

Much of the concept of the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 is being rumored to be significantly better than the current Note 4. With the release that is expected to be right around the same time as the iPhone 6s, strong comparisons between one and another are already starting. With Samsung being the innovative creator of the Phablet, others are slowly mimicking the concept into their own very.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Price Update

While many would say that the price to pay for the Phablet is small in comparison to the over-sized features you get, others would argue that it is too much. The same is expected with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 price as it will surely be one of the most expensive smartphones for 2015.

Here in the US we are expecting a price tag of nearly $1100. While this is for a full-purchase price, cell phone carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint will feature on-contract pricing for about $299. The UK Samsung Galaxy Note 5 price will be around 700 GBP which will equal almost 900 Euros.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date Update

We are hearing conflicting reports on a price Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date, but the most consistent rumors center on a late September 2015 release. This is all contingent on the official Samsung announcement which is expected to be at the beginning of the month. Baring manufacturing and shipping delays, US customers will be one of the first to get a hands on view.

In South Korea where Samsung’s HQ is, consumers will be the very first glimpse as a mid-September release date is the most realistic. In larger markets in Europe such as England, Germany, and France, consumers should expect to see the Note 5 by the end of September to the first week in October.

For more info on the Note 5, be sure to take a look at this in-depth preview on the 4K Super Amoled screen display.

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