Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Super Amoled 5.7″ 4K Screen Display Rumors

4K technology is finally here, and we should have known that it would be Samsung to perfect it. 4K smartphone screen displays is 4 times that of true high definition, and it appears that the next installment of the Phablet will have the 4K screen display. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is rumored to feature all of the high end specs including the Super Amoled screen, eight core 810 processor, 5 GB RAM, and so much more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

As we look forward to the upcoming Android smartphone releases in 2015, it looks like the Note 5 will be the first to feature the 4K display. With a ppi of over 600, the display specs will rival that of the iPhone 6. Many would say that the screen of the iPhone 6 Plus is by far the best on the market, but boasts a pixel density of only 401 ppi.

The current Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors coincide with the new features and specs expected. Refining much of what we have already seen such as a fingerprint scanner, black and white launch day color options, a faux rear design, optical image stabilization, shatterproof glass, and more. In with the new are a 3800 mAh battery, retina eye scanner, octa-core processor, 23 MP rear, 5 MP front,  and new S Pen Stylus functionality.

Most markets worldwide will feature the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 by the end of September 2015 with Korean, Japan, and China getting their hands on it first. If the official announcement comes as expected during the first week in September, we are expecting presales here in the US to start by the 2nd week.

With huge consumer interest expecting to increase over the months leading up to the release date, presales will be the best chance of securing it on launch day. As more info becomes available on the Samsung Galaxy Note rumors surrounding the specs, features, and release date, we will be bringing you the very latest well before anyone else.

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