Samsung and Samsonite Teaming Up to Create Smart Luggage

Two of the biggest manufactures of tech products and luggage are creating a partnership to create a new breed of luggage that goes with the current trend of technology. Samsung and Samsonite are teaming up to create a new brand of Smart Luggage that will give you all you need to assure your luggage is safe, and always trackable.

There have been other manufacturers who have made a valiant attempt in introducing smart luggage, but have yet to make it big. The idea of two of the biggest manufacturers of tech and luggage teaming up seems to be a foregone conclusion in this new introductory market.

Samsung and Samsonite Team Up to Create Smart Luggage

Both Samsung and Samsonite are looking to launch a new brand of luggage that has GPS tracking, gives you instant notifications, and gives you the peace of mind while traveling. Making sure your luggage is safe is one of the biggest concerns for travelers, but this seems to be a thing of the past.

Samsung is working with on self-propelled smart luggage that literally follows you around airport terminals and makes it possible for self-checking-in of your bags. The bags would also give all details to airline personal such as bag weight, size, destination, and anything else you can imagine.

GPS tracking and notifications will be the biggest feature as both will be built into the bags itself. Receive notifications right on your smartphone when they are being tampered with, when they are outside of a specific distance from you, and allows you to track using GPS technology.

The new smart luggage technology is still a ways out, but the idea of it becoming a reality will soon appeal to travelers. Stay tuned on the new Samsung/Samsonite smart luggage including when, where, and how much they will be.

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