Rumors; Sony Xperia Z4 Release to be Featured By All Four Top US Cell Carriers

With another year gone, it’s time start talking more about the next coming of Sony smartphones. As the Xperia Z series has easily become one of the best, twice per year, the latest rumors on the Xperia Z4 keeps us wanting more. We have been privy to some strong rumors suggesting that the top four US cell carriers will feature the Sony Xperia Z4 release.

With rumors that Sony will be looking to start downsizing their upcoming smartphone releases, there has been speculation that it will not be as highly profiled in the US as previous releases. This in essence was a surprise, but the recent rumors on the Sony Xperia Z4 release date leads us to believe something much more practical.

Sony Xperia Z4 Release Update

With Sony looking to concentrate their efforts on one flagship release per year instead of releasing two flagships in the same calendar year as has been the case, it’s believed that the single release will be more profiled. This leads us to the latest rumors that AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile will all feature the US Sony Xperia Z4 release.

Expected to be made official at the annual CES event during the first week in March, we are patiently awaiting more. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the speculated US Sony Xperia Z4 release date of the last week in March will hold true as we have already circled the week on the calendar. With a price tag not expected to exceed $900 USD for a 16 GB model, we are expecting huge things out of the next Sony smartphone flagship.

Stay tuned for the latest Sony Xperia Z4 release updates as we will bring them to you as soon as we get them.

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