Rumors; Samsung Galaxy Young 3 Heading to India for a Late Q3 Launch, Price Between Rs. 6,300 – 13,000

New rumors are showing up on Samsung’s latest low-end smartphone that is believed to be the Galaxy Young 2. The Samsung Galaxy Young 3 is reported to be undergoing testing and is currently on the way to India for local initiatives and functionality within the Indian market.

We’ve seen reports of a Samsung handheld sporting the model number SM-G150 which is very similar to the model number SM-G130 of the Young 2 which is fueling the speculation. If the above holds true, the Galaxy Young 3 will sport Bluetooth connectivity along with a small 3.8” display.

Samsung Galaxy Young 3 Heading to India for a Late Q3 Launch

Other specs that could be seen in the Young 3 include display resolution of 320 x 480, 512MB B RAM, 1GHz processor, and hopefully more camera megapixels than the 2nd gen model. With a price in India that’s expected to range between Rs. 6,300 and 13,000, the Galaxy Young 3 is expected to appeal to many.

We’ll continue to update you on the release of the Samsung Galaxy Young 3 in India and other markets globally which is looking to be a late Q3 launch.