Rumors on the LG G4 Price to Be Much Cheaper than Initialy Thought

With the sales of the LG G3 doing so well over the course of 2014, many were speculating that LG would increase the launch price of their next release. Now with 2015 right around the corner and the expected release of the LG G4 only months away were are hearing something different. There are new rumors that will appeal to consumers that the LG G4 price will be much cheaper than originally thought.

We are hearing leaks that LG will continue with the same price advantage to maintain the high consumer base since the G3. As the expectations are beginning to mount for the upcoming LG G4 release, keeping the price respectable will be huge.

LG G4 Price

US LG G4 Price

Here in the United States we are expecting the US LG G4 price to start out at $800 for the non-contract price. Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are all expecting to carry the US LG G4 release date, and will offer both zero down monthly payment plans and contract pricing. Those who are ok with signing a two year contract and pick up the launch of only $299.

Below are some of the many rumors surrounding the new LG G4 concept as much of the following are more reality than rumor.

LG G4 Specs

Consumers will also be happy to know that despite the competitive price, there will still be numerous enhancements to the concept of the LG G4. The latest rumors on the specs are all detailed below:

LG G4 Features

  • Camera features – Optical image stabilization, auto focus,
  • Four launch color options including black, gold, red, and white
  • Full metal surround
  • Shockproof sensors, dustproof, waterproof design
  • Heart rate, barometer, gyroscope, compass, sao2 sensors
  • Rapid charging feature

LG G4 Release Date

If the official announcement on the LG G4 comes at the Mobile World Congress event during the 1st week in March as expected, the LG G4 release date should starting by the end of the month. Most markets worldwide are not likely to feature the release until the month of April other than many Asian markets including Korea, China, and Japan.

Here in the United States we are expecting the US LG G4 release date by mid-April 2015. European markets such as Germany, UK, France, and other larger markets should feature the release by the 2nd week in April, but this all depends on the official announcement.

More Info to come on the Price, Specs, Features, and Release Date

More information is sure to come on the LG G4 price, specs, features, and release date, as we are expecting much more over the next couple of weeks. The annual CES event should give us more insight by the end of January and this should set the stage for the official announcement at the MWC event in March.

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