Rumors on Sony Smartwatch: Next-Generation Model Might Not be Revealed in 2015

Last year, Sony had launched the third version of its Smartwatch line-up. Being packed with all the innovative features, the Sony Smartwatch 3 has achieved a massive success throughout the global technological market. The ancestor of the device, Sony Smartwatch 4, was strongly expected to be released in this year by most of the rumors on Sony Smartwatch. But it seems that it will not happen.

Rumors on Sony Smartwatch - Next-Generation Model Might Not be Revealed in 2015

Different rumors on Sony Smartwatch claimed that the next version will be revealed in IFA 2015. Despite the Xperia smartphone lineup got refreshed in Europe’s largest technological event, the release of Sony Smartwatch 4 had not been marked. It is definitely a bad sign for the enthusiasts who hoped to see the revelation of the device in 2015 after being convinced by the rumors on Sony Smartwatch. More specifically, it provides a strong indication about Sony’s plan of changing the release time.

Sony has a strong history of refreshing its Smartwatch line-up at IFA. The company had revealed the current generation Smartwatch 3 at IFA 2014. Moreover, the second version, called Sony Smartwatch 2, had also been announced at IFA 2013. For these reasons, the rumors on Sony Smartwatch strongly expected the same thing to happen in this year’s IFA. But the release didn’t take place. In fact, Sony doesn’t seem to break the tradition of introducing the device in the particular event, as mentioned by most of the rumors on Sony Smartwatch.

For these reasons, it seems that the next-generation Smartwatch will not be revealed in this year.

Rumors on Sony Smartwatch: Is there Any Hope for Seeing the Release of Sony Smartwatch 4 in 2015?  

It is very unlikely to happen. But still, there are some hopes. Three years ago, Sony introduced its very first Smartwatch in the last part September, rather than revealing it in IFA 2012. So, there is a little chance of seeing the same thing happening again in case of Sony Smartwatch 4, as stated by some of the rumors on Sony Smartwatch.

If it doesn’t happen, then Sony might surprise everyone by releasing the device in the holiday season. The particular time will be perfect for the company to introduce the new Smartwatch, as consumers are always tend to spend a lot of money for buying and gifting the technological products to their friends and families.

This is what we expect about the release of the next-generation wearable device. Keep in touch with us to get more rumors on Sony Smartwatch.

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