Rumors on Samsung Smartphones: Galaxy S7 being Codenamed “Project Lucky,” Might be Released in Two Variants

As soon as the new versions of Galaxy lineup hit the market, the rumors on the next-generation models have started to surface throughout the internet. They have already created a massive buzz in the online community.

Among them, these are the two hottest rumors on Samsung smartphones right at this moment.

Rumors on Samsung Smartphones - Galaxy S7 being Codenamed “Project Lucky,” Might be Released in Two Variants

Rumors on Samsung Smartphones: “Project Lucky!”

Nowadays, the names of the projects have become really interesting! And Samsung seems to be more interested than any other technological companies in using some catchy project names. According to different rumors on Samsung smartphones, the Korean company is calling the next-generation Galaxy S7 as “Project Lucky” internally. The reason behind the name is associated with the “Lucky 7” factor, as the particular device is the seventh generation smartphone of the Galaxy lineup. The detailed information of the smartphone has also been revealed. According to Sam Mobile, Samsung has built a prototype of Galaxy S7. It has been examined with the new Exynos 8890 chipset, UFS 2.0 storage and 20-MP ISOCELL camera. In the previous, a number of rumors on Samsung smartphones claimed that the Galaxy S7 will feature the particular components. So, the configuration is very likely to be true.

Rumors on Samsung Smartphones: Galaxy S7 Expected to be Revealed in Two Versions

This is one of the hottest rumors on Samsung smartphone of the recent time. The rumor has been originated from a Korean website, called MK. It claims that the configuration of the processor will be the differentiating factor between the two versions. It states that the first version of Galaxy S7 will feature the Snapdragon 820 processor. On the other hand, the second version will include the integrated Exynos M1 chip. Another report on the rumors on Samsung smartphones, which has been published Asia Today, claims that the display size of the models will be different. It has been claimed that the two versions will feature 5.2-inch and 5.8-inch displays respectively.

According to the different rumors on Samsung smartphones, Galaxy S7 will be released as early as February 2016. Thanks to the new development process, called “Agile.”

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