RedPhone Android App Review

RedPhone is a phone android app from the same creators that brought us TextSecure. RedPhone for Android uses the same secure technology to give users the same piece of mind in security, and once again is 100% free to do so. Recently launched after its extensive beta trials, many of the same features and the same technology makes it possible to make secure phone calls from one Android smartphone to another.

RedPhone Android uses an encrypted VOIP Network and allows single users or groups to communicate wirelessly without the use of data. Available via Wi-Fi, data, 3G, or 4G, app subscribers can make an unlimited amount of domestic or international phone calls without having to burn up your own cellular plan minutes. Allows users to keep their existing phone numbers as a notification will notify the user when other users are available or when a RedPhone call is incoming.

RedPhone Android App

Numerous patches and updates have already been integrated so the best time to install the app is now. With consumer reviews topping a 4.0, there is a lot of consumer love for the , free, secure, and encrypted VOIP calling service.

RedPhone Android Features

Some of the many RedPhone Android features are as follows:

  • Saves cellular plan minutes as the app uses data or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • The encrypted technology is a seamless integration and users will not notice a difference in quality using the secure encryption
  • First open source phone calling app as users can easily and instantly verify the phone call is secure
  • All calls incoming and outgoing are 100% free

Free RedPhone Android Download

You can instantly download the free RedPhone Android app from the Google Play Store, and we have made it as easy as can be. Download the free app and instantly, securely connect with any RedPhone user.

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