Petcube; The New Interactive Pet Tech Device

Petcube gives a whole new meaning to interacting and playing with your cat. The new tech device was introduced at CES 2015, and gives owners as new way of playing and monitoring your pet’s actions, and from a far. Petcube uses smartphone technology and the integrated camera, speaker, and laser to allow the owners to interact with their pet.

The new Petcube tech device streams live video using the 720p camera and allows the owner to see what the device sees right on their own smartphone. By simply downloading the Petcube app and installing it on any Android or ios device, one is able to see and interact from anywhere, anytime.


Animal lovers are expected to enjoy the Petcube features as it gives a whole new meaning to pet sitting. The integrated features not only allows one to visually monitor, but also speak to through the integrated speaker system. Feel free to use the integrated laser feature and have your cat or dog running and chasing after the red light.

The Petcube price is currently listed at $199, and can be purchased through this exclusive Amazon link for the best price. For more information on most unique way to monitor and interact with your pet, feel free to watch the following video.


Petcube – Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Tech Device

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