Orbot Android App Review

Proxy servers allow you to surf the web anonymously, and it also makes it easier to keep all of your online information safe. Orbot is the top Android proxy application and users can enjoy all of the same great security features for free. The Orbot Android App can be downloaded onto any Android device and is currently the most downloaded free proxy server app.

Orbot connects you to the browser Toros which makes the anonymous browsing possible. Within seconds of connecting, you can surf the web securely and without others knowing you were ever on in the first place. The software works through a free encryption service that literally bounces your connection through a series of computers.

The privacy and peace of mind enables users to surf undetected while there is no way to detect who is surfing, where the connection is coming from, or any personal information. Orbot proxy Android app is the only secure proxy app, and ensures your personal information, web browsing, and location is never detected by others or other software programs.

Orbot Android App

Orbot Android App Features

Take a look at the top Orbot Android App features below:

  • 100% free private internet browsing, chat sessions, and texting
  • Makes it possible to access normally blocked, monitored, and hidden sites throughout the web
  • Seamless integration with other proxy enabled Android apps
  • Get around work, school, and website specific firewalls
  • User friendly controls allows you to allows proxy surfing with all web browsing or easily configure which apps to integrate
  • Link with Gibberbot to chat with friends and family anonymously

Free Orbot Android App Download

Orbot has become the top rated Android proxy app as there is no other way to safely, securely, and annomously browse the net. Take advantage of this instant and free Orbot Android App download below through the direct link:

Orbot Android App download

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