One Note Android App Review and Free Download

There are tons of free note apps on Android, but very few gives you the flexibility and customization that One Note gives you. The One Note Android app allows you to create beautiful notes, to-do-lists, lectures, presentations, and is perfect for both personal and business. One of the brightest aspects of this top rated productivity app is the integrated features for collaborative purposes which makes this a must have for those looking for remaining productive while on the go.

One Note Android app has all of the top features that you have already seen, but with the ability to sync across all devices using Cloud technology and SkyDrive. Create, share, and collaborate with friends, family, and co-workers across multiple platforms while staying updated, anytime, anywhere. Creative features such as handwriting notes, adding pictures, and inserting video makes this one of the most creative note apps for Android.

One Note Android App Review and Free Download

One Note Android App Features

Below are all of the top One Note Android app features:

  • Create notes, spreadsheets, to-do-lists, lectures, presentations, and more, and share them and stay up to date anytime, anywhere
  • Share and collaborate with others while assigning tasks
  • Access using Cloud technology and SkyDrive
  • Customizable home screen widgets
  • Add video, audio, and pictures to your notes and presentations
  • Create shopping lists and have it updated by others who are not even there
  • Create presentations to have them edited by others and saved for access on devices across multiple platforms

Free One Note Android App Download

You can instantly install the free One Note Android app download through the exclusive link below.

One Note for Android

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