Oculus Rift Release Early 2016, Preorders Start Late 2015

As we look towards the next generation of gaming, Oculus Rift has already proven they’ll be one of the biggest players. With the expectations that virtual gaming will be the next big thing, our attention focuses to the when and where to expect it. The long-awaited announcement on the Oculus Rift release was announced today, and consumers will love what comes next.

Oculus has been a long time coming as the virtual reality headset first became a reality some three years ago. Now that others have jumped on the bandwagon such as Samsung with the Gear VR, we’re hearing more and more on the pioneers of virtual reality gaming.

Oculus Rift Release Early 2016, Preorders Start Late 2015

The official announcement on the Oculus Rift release will peak the curiosity of consumers, especially with preorders starting just before the holidays. With consumers getting the chance to get their first experience of what gaming will be, by the end of 2014, it’ll set up the official release during the 1st quarter of 2015.

Oculus developers have stated that they will be giving the full details on the specs and features over the coming weeks, so we’ll be updating you with the latest information. For now, Oculus Rift will only support the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S6, and the S6 Edge, but with the release of the Note 5 and Galaxy Note Edge 2 expected later this year, we’re expecting the same interface for Samsung’s newest flagships.

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