Nixie Drone; New Wearable Tech Concept for Selfies

Wearable tech meets drones in our next installment of unit tech trends for 2015 as the new Nixie combines both elements into one unique tech device. The Nixie Drone was introduced at the CES event just a few weeks ago, and looks to be the perfect wearable tech device for selfie lovers.

The new Nixie Drone looks to be the next installment in upcoming wearable tech trends, and looks to appeal to those who absolutely love selfie pictures. Nixie starts out as a bracelet that customizes to your wrist and launches into the air and automatically takes a selfie style picture.

Nixie Drone; New Wearable Tech Concept

The Nixie Drone camera isn’t for sale just yet, but looks to be released by the end of this year. The selfie wearable tech drone flies into the sky and snaps a picture that is further than arms length, and then reattaches itself to you as a bracelet. The boomerang style Nixie looks to automatically take still pictures in the heat of the moment as well as full 1080p video.

At the present time, the Nixie Drone is still under development and is expecting to have a whole lot more features added to it before the actual release. It’s already garnering attention as one of the top wearable tech trends of 2015 and is only expected to increase in consumer interest when more information is made available to the public.

For more info, be sure to check out the official Nixie website for all the latest updates.

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