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New Xiaomi Mi5 Images Surface on the Amazing Ultra Thin Bezel

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The Xiaomi Mi5 is already one of the most anticipated Android smartphones this year, and now we are getting new information that makes it look even more amazing. Xiaomi looks to not only capitalize the success of previous models, they are looking to insert themselves into the same conversation as Apple, Samsung, LG, and Sony. As Xiaomi smartphones have been limited in exposure due to where they‘ve been released, this is expected to change with upcoming models.

New Xiaomi Mi5 Images Surface on the Amazing Ultra Thin Bezel

New Xiaomi Mi5 images have surfaced displaying what we’ve been speculating on for months. The ultra-thin bezel on the sides of the phone looks more than impressive, as it stands to be one of the best looking smartphone displays. With the sides of the screen stretching from side to side and with an all metal unibody design, the Mi5 will appeal to consumers of all interests.

Despite the premium specs including a 4K 5” screen, 64-bit octa-core processor, 4GB RAM, 2000 mAh battery, and a 20 MP rear-facing camera, it will still be one of the cheapest, premium Android smartphones released this year. With a release date price between $350 – 399, it will be nearly half as much as other premium top 2015 Android smartphones released.

Expected to be released in China sometime in June, the Mi5 is expected to become the best-selling smartphone in both Asia and India this year. Persistent Xiaomi Mi5 rumors is that the will be featured in other countries including the UK, Germany, Australia, and other European countries by the end of June.

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