Brand New Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Release Date Updates

Verizon has become the largest US cell phone carrier, and out of the top four carriers they have yet to release the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. The unique Android smartphone was officially announced back in September of last year, and three of the top US cell carriers have already debuted the unique Note Edge. Most of us have been patiently awaiting the official announcements on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release date.

We have been patiently awaiting the official release announcement as they have already stated they would feature the Note Edge, but yet to debut it. Three of the four top carriers including AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile have already featured the US Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release date, as all that is left is the biggest US cell carrier.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Release Date

Until now, there has been minimal information on the Verizon US release as there has been some new information to finally appear. Based on current reports, we may finally see the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note Edge release date by next Thursday, January 15th. This is based on some very strong reports suggesting the reason for the late Verizon launch was due to delays being passed by the FCC.

Current Verizon customers will be able to take advantage of no money down payment options. The Verizon Edge program is wonderful feature for current and new customers where one can purchase new smartphones without having to pay a penny on launch day.

Over the course of 24 monthly payments for just under $34, this will equal the rumored Verizon full-purchase price of $800. If your contract is up you may consider a renewal or new 2 year contract option, where the price will only be $399.

While we’re all keeping our fingers crossed in hopes of seeing the Samsug Galaxy Note Edge Verizon release sooner, rather than much later. Stay tuned for the latest release and price updates as we’ll bring you the confirmations as soon as they Verizon makes it public.

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