New T-Mobile Promotions Starting Week of June 8th

T-Mobile has been quite busy offering up some huge promotions, discounts, and other freebies in hopes of gaining ground on the three top US carriers. As the world’s fourth largest carrier, rumors on their newest promotions starting June 8th gives consumers much more of what we want including some more free stuff.

The new T-Mobile promotions which are expected to be made official tomorrow starts with a 30 day free offering to Rhapsody UnRadio for select customers. It’s expected that T-Mobile will select out a text to some of their current customers offering them the free trial with the option of paying only $4/month once the trial ends.

New T-Mobile Promotions Starting Week of June 8th

A second promotion is expected to start on June 11th that will involve a picture contest for current customers. T-Mobile will be launching a new website dedicated to provide customers tips and tricks in making the best use of their smartphone cameras while creating high quality photography. Customers can then submit their pictures to be entered into the free photo contest.

June 12th, T-Mobile customers on any Unlimited 4G LTE Simple Choice Plans will be given an extra 2GB of data for free that can be used while tethering their smartphones. Tethering allows users to share their mobile data connection via Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, or can become a mobile hotspot.

We’ll update you with the very latest on this week’s new T-Mobile promotions as soon as their made official.