New Samsung Rumors on a 13″ Premium Tablet in 2015

Samsung tablets are some of the top-selling on the market today, and recent rumors have them looking for something bigger and better in 2015. New Samsung rumors suggest that the tech manufacturer will be looking to release a 13” tablet this year that is likely to be marketed to consumers looking for something unique.

The new 2015 Samsung rumors look consistent with a bigger version of the Samsung Surface Pro that can be featured as either a tablet or a notebook. The rumors first surfaced late last year and was expected to be a holiday season debut, but with the current trends it looks like the new Samsung 13” tablet  got delayed just a bit.

New Samsung Rumors

The speculation is comes to no surprise as consumers are looking for bigger and better, especially considering the dependant nature we have on mobile devices. The bigger Samsung tablet would replace the Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2” that is currently the largest Samsung tablet, and is likely to be much more expensive.

The most logical price on a 13″ Samsung tablet is expected to launch starting at $500 here in the US, but would be a price well worth it. It’s also likely that a 4G 13″ tablet will also be released, which would put the price closer to $600. Considering the obvious size difference, but the idea to have one multi-media mobile device instead of two only simplifies life for all of us.

Many of the top Android tablet manufacturers are looking to concentrate on high-end devices as this seems to be the push of consumer interest. As the current tablet market has become over-crowded with low mid-level tablets, the new Samsung rumors for 2015 make the most sense.

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