New HTC One M9 Prime Release Date Rumors

We are finally getting some new information on what appears to be the HTC One M9 release date which seems to be what we have been speculating. The rumors on what and when the new premium flagship from HTC will appear seem to be much of what we have been stating, and much of what we have been hoping for. The HTC One M9 Prime appears to be the scrapped HTC One M8 premium concept which was first speculated on in early 2014.

The HTC One M8 Prime was first thought to be the premium featured M8 which was going to be an extension on the 2014 best-selling Android smartphone. Now as we get ready to begin another New Year it seems that the Prime is definitely coming.

HTC One M9 Prime Release Date

There was some speculation that the HTC One M9 Prime release date was going to be the rumored HTC Hima, but now it seems that both will become a reality. The Prime will be more of a high-end Android release while the Hima is rumored to be more of a budget friendly release.

Here in the United States, rumors have been circulating that the official announcement on the Prime will come during the Mobile World Congress event. The annual event is held in Barcelona, and has become a center stage for many tech devices for the coming year. The same seems to be the case as three HTC smartphones are expected to be officially announced including the Prime, HTC One M9, and the HTC Hima.

Korea and US HTC One M9 Prime Release Date Updates

If the rumors remain true, then the Korea HTC One M9 Prime release date will be first. The Korean market should get their first peak which is expected to be the end of March 2015. The US HTC One M9 Prime release date is expected to be by the end of March to the beginning of April. Set to debut at the same time as the standard version HTC One M9, both will feature premium specs.

The Prime is expected to be slight bigger at 5.5 inches versus the 5.2” M9. Also, the exterior will differ between both versions with the Prime having an exotic composite made up of liquid silicone and aluminum. The HTC Hima may be a plastic version that is expected to compare to the iPhone C model and have a 5” display.

Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming HTC One M9 Prime release date, and of course, all other Android smartphones.

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