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Understanding the New Gmail Inbox App Which Truly Simplifies Email Content, Allows Message Bundling, and More

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You may have received the invite only request from Google asking you to update to the new “Inbox” by Gmail, and then maybe again you may not have. If you’re looking for more on what looks to be one of the best email experiences, the Gmail Inbox app looks to be just that. The invite only app as of this time was just released and looks to bring many new features for users that have come to rely on email as much as us.

The Gmail Inbox App is being marketed by Google as truly simplifies all email functions while adding the option to bundle similar emails, highlighting the most important emails, and allowing you to set customizable reminders. A new Snooze feature is also included that allows you to temporarily suspend notifications and alarms until you “un-snooze” at a date/time of your choosing.

Understanding the New Gmail Inbox App

Inbox works with Gmail and imports all of your contacts, emails, and gives you the same great spam security that we have all come to expect. As of this time, the Gmail Inbox app is only available through an invite only process, but you can request an invite through this exclusive link.

You can check out the full details on the new Inbox from Gmail in the official video from Google below:

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