New Android Wear Update Just in Time for the Apple Watch Release

A new Android Wear update has just been released, and it’s just in time for the long-awaited Apple Watch release. Google has just made the new Android Wear update official, and promises that it’s by far the largest update yet. The term “large” in this right is not pertaining to size, but Google has alluded to numerous features that consumers have been asking for in the Android Wear operating system.

Regardless of the timing, the new update integrates a much needed Wi-Fi support, hand gestures, drawing Emoji’s, and much more. The new features looks to enhance the overall user experience and Google is hoping to the Android Wear branding with release of the Apple Watch.

New Android Wear Update Just in Time for the Apple Watch Release

The Wi-Fi support will be the most popular feature as before this you had to be within range of your tethered smartphone to receive texts, emails, and other messages. With some Android Wear smartwatches already having Wi-Fi capabilities, the lack of Wi-Fi support within the former Android Wear OS has made non-functional.

The new Wi-Fi support also gives you continuous connectivity to your smartphone no matter what or who’s Wi-Fi you’re connected to using Google’s Cloud. It’s also believe that the new OS will add an auto connectivity option when traveling through or entering areas with Wi-Fi hotspots.

The top three Android Wear update features are as follows:

  • Battery saver mode for apps to display ambient light or black and white to conserve power
  • Hand gesture controls
  • Drawing recognition for Emoji’s

The release will start during the 1st week in May and will be seen first in the LG Urbane and will come pre-installed. Other Android Wear smartwatches will see the release via an on-screen message where you will be prompted by Google to install the new Android Wear update.

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