New Android Wear LG Smartwatch Impresses All at the 2015 CES Event

One of the biggest surprises at the annual CES event was a new tech idea from one of the leading manufacturers. LG debuted a new Android Wear smartwatch, and it’s not the watch itself that impressed all. The new LG Smartwatch showed us that they can do much more than just tell time, make phone calls, check email, and text.

LG is known for its innovations in technology, and this year’s event brought from some new technology. The mystery Android Wear LG smartwatch brought out a unique interface, and one that is sure to become the future of wearable technology.

Another big player in innovation had something to do with this amazing spectacle as LG is teaming up with one of the leading car manufacturers with the next installment. Audi and LG are combining to create a new Android Wear LG smartwatch that will literally push the brink of mobile technology.

New Anroid Wear LG Smartwatch

With the ability to drive a car right from your wearable tech is what teased all spectators at this year’s CES event. As the top Audi executive literally drove the self-driving car to the stage by taking full control right from the LG smartwatch.

Aside from the technology, there was a unique design that doesn’t exactly resemble any current Android smartwatch design. Outside of the unique three button design, little is known about what’s underneath the distinct looking LG smartwatch. While the teaser was enough to serve its purpose and keep us wanting more, there is little known the custom made Android Wear LG smartwatch specifically for Audi.

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