Netatmo Security; New Facial Recognition Home Security Camera

In-home security gives everyone the peace of mind, but finding the perfect home security device is difficult to say the least. Introducing the new Netatmo security camera that provides you all the features you could need, and so much more. The unique facial recognition software allows and viewing on most mobile devices allows you to rest easy, even when not at home.

Netatmo introduced the new facial recognition Netatmo security camera at this year’s CES event, and expects to be one of the hottest tech devices of the year. The ability to record and live stream to a tablet or smartphone gives you the peace of mind anytime, and anywhere.


The unique facial recognition software automatically detects visitors whether there expected or unexpected and starts the recording process. Instantly streamed to your smartphone or tablet you can view in real-time and know who’s in your home and opt if you want to continue recording. If the face detected is an unwanted visitor, continue recording or save a mugshot photo which can be given to authorities.

The Netatmo security device has a 130 degree viewing angle and can be controlled from your tablet or smartphone. Integrated with an infrared sensor, nighttime recording gives the Netatmo device the ability to record and take pictures day or night.

One of the best Netatmo security camera features is the sleek and cool design. The appeal of the device itself allows you to easily integrate it with the rest of the home décor which makes it easier to blend in. Unlike most home security cameras, the Netatmo security camera looks much more natural next to many of the most common devices you would find in your own home.

As of this time, there is still no official announcement on the Netatmo security release date and price. Speculation has it being offered to the public by the end of the 1st quarter, but no information is available on the price yet. More info to come as this looks to be one of the hottest tech devices in 2015.

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