Mr. Number-Block Calls & Spam Android App Review

We all get ‘em, unwanted phone calls, spam texts, and telephone telemarketers, but until now we have been unable stop them from coming in. Take control of stopping unwanted phone calls and texts with the Mr. Number-Block Calls & Spam app that allows you to dictate what comes in, and what does not.

The Mr. Number-Block Calls & Spam Android App is a 100% free download and can be found below with a link directly to the Google Play store. The instant download is supported on all Android smartphones and gives you the peace of mind of stopping unwanted phone calls and/or text messages.

Whether it’s someone you don’t want to talk to or spam text messages, the user friendly Android app makes it all possible. Ultimately, you choose what to block as you can block phone numbers and SMS messages by area code, specific phone numbers, and prefixes. You can also report spam so that others can see using the integrated spam reporting feature.

Mr. Number-Block Calls and Spam Android App

Mr. Number-Block Calls & Spam Android App Features

The following are all of the top Mr. Number-Block Calls & Spam Android App Features:

  • Easy to use dashboard that allows you to choose what, who, and how often to block phone numbers and text messages
  • Notify other users of spam phone numbers
  • Instantly stop advertising marketers and annoying bill collectors once and for all
  • Stop the phone ringing from unknown or private callers as you can choose to automatically send them to voice mail or hang up on them all-together
  • Look up 20 or less phone numbers in your call history to determine who and how to block; the first 20 lookups are free, and then each additional 20 costs only $.99

Free Mr. Number-Block Calls & Spam Android App Download

Take advantage of this free Android app as you can easily download the free Mr. Number-Block Phone Calls and Texts Android app download through the exclusive link below.

Mr. Number-Block Calls & Spam Download

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