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MirrorLink Brings Huawei Smartphone Interface to 2016 Volkswagen Cars Starting in China

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Huawei made the announcement yesterday that they will be entering into a partnership with Volkswagen to bring direct interface between phone and cars starting with 2016 imports. An official statement concluded that all 2016 Volkswagen cars imported into China would feature MirrorLink which is an, “open technology standard designed to maximize interoperability between smartphones and vehicle-mounted systems”.

Any app on a smartphone will be able to be interfaced directly through the car’s onscreen display including GPS, phone calls, text messaging, MP3’s, and even mobile payment options. MirrorLink will make it all possible, and will become a standard features starting with all 2016 Volkswagen imports.

Huawei Smartphone Interface Coming to 2016 Volkswagen Cars Imported in China

The statement comes as Android Auto is beginning to become more prominent, and is expected to really take off in the coming months. Google announced that most 2015 Hyundai Sonata’s would come equipped with Android Auto connectivity and is likely to become a standard feature of many newer vehicles in the coming years.

As of right now, no official statement if/when this will be featured in VW imports in other markets, but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time.


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