Mi Band 2: 3 New Features That We are Very Likely to See in Xiaomi’s Next Generation Fitness Tracker

Xiaomi is one of the largest technological company in the world. By equipping its wide range of devices, including smartphones and wearables, with outstanding features and hardware, the company is able to quickly reach into the top spot within a short time.

The Chinese company is rumored to introduce its next generation fitness tracker, called Xiaomi Mi Band 2, in the third quarter of 2015. Let’s take a look at the 3 new features that are very likely to be applied in the new device.

Mi Band 2 - 3 New Features That We are Very Likely to See in Xiaomi’s Next Generation Fitness Tracker


Mi Band 2 Might Feature a Display!

You might have started jumping after reading the above line! Yes, guys. It’s true! Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is definitely going to feature a display. The display might be equipped with either high-powered AMOLED technology or low-powered LED display. Some of the rumors also claim that the Mi Band 2 might feature an E-paper display, similar to Kindle, with a view to enhancing the battery backup time. The claim of the inclusion of the display is logical, as the device is rumored to be tagged with a higher price range with respect to its previous version.

Mi Band 2 Might Come with a Heart Rate Sensor!   

Though the very first version of Xiaomi’s smartband line-up was hugely successful, it had been unable to justify itself with respect to the fitness aspect. The device enabled the users to track the number of steps as well as sleeping activities. But still, the fitness features were not up to the mark. However, the fitness tracking features of the upcoming Mi Band 2 will receive a major enhancement. In addition to tracking sleep and the number of steps, the device will also monitor important aspects of the human body, including heart rate, through different sensors. If the particular feature is really applied in Mi Band 2, the device will be able to quickly transform itself as a major threat to the major wearable products in the technology market.

Mi Band 2’s Mi Fit App will Receive Major Enhancement

The Mi Fit app of the first version of Xiaomi’s smartband faced a lot of criticism due to a large number of bugs, which resulted in different reliability issues. Moreover, the synchronization of the app was not user friendly. The new Mi Fit app of the upcoming Mi Band 2 will solve all these issues. Moreover, a large number of new features are expected to be included as well. Apart from tracking only sleeping, the new Mi Fit app will enable the Mi Band 2 to monitor more activities of the user, including the period of watching movies, listening to music and surfing the internet. So, it will be a huge innovation.

These are the 3 features that are very likely to be seen in the Mi Band 2. Keep in touch with us to get more information.