Meizu MX5 and ZTE Nubia 9S Unveiling on June 30th

Two new smartphones are set to debut on June 30th, with each offering similar specs and features. The Meizu MX5 and ZTE Nubia 9S have both been leaked, and we have all the details that shows you what to expect on the unveiling which will take place at separate events in just over a week. Q3 has already been an active period for smartphone manufacturers and both Meizu and ZTE look to make their prescence known with their two upcoming flagships.

Early leaks on the Meizu MX5 have already given us a clear view of things to come, and from what we’ve seen so far consumers in China will be happy to see it. Featuring a 5.5” with a Quad HD display, MediaTek Helio X10 processor, and mixed rumors on either 3 or 4GB of RAM. There has also been a lot of speculation on an unheard of 41MP Nokia built camera that would literally outperform the rest of the competition.

Meizu MX5 and ZTE Nubia 9S Unveiling on June 30th

The ZTE Nubia 9S has some similarities to the MX5, but many differences as well. A slight upgrade over the ZTE Nubia 9 which debuted a couple of months back. One of the most significant upgrades when looking at the 9S and the standard 9 is the ability of CAT 9 LTE for newer model. The standard model launched with a max CAT 4 LTE which is significant when looking at mobile connectivity and faster download speeds.

Not much is known on the specs sheet other than the Nubia 9S is rumored to boast the Snapdragon 810 processor. Most consumers won’t feel the need to upgrade from the Nubia 9 to the Nubia 9S if the software package is all the S model is truly getting.

We’ll have to wait until the official unveiling of both the Meizu MX5 and ZTE Nubia 9S on June 30th to offer our true opinion. We’ll bring you the latest as soon as both handsets are made official.

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