Mailbox Android App Review and Free Download

If you’re looking to get rid of your current email client and are looking for a great alternative, then enter Mailbox Android app. This free Android email app is one that is becoming very popular for those looking to get rid of the same old same old and who are looking for something new and creative. Mailbox is a great email client that allows you to make your email inbox and folders easier to manage using swipe controls.

The free Mailbox Android app can be downloaded free through the exclusive link below and can be installed onto any mobile device including smartphones and tablets. Mailbox works out of the box with Gmail and iCloud services, and extends the functionality out of both.

Mailbox Android App Review

Mailbox Android App Features

Take a look at all the top Mailbox Android app features below:

  • Turns boring old email clients into fun and exciting new one’s
  • Extends email client services such as Gmail and Cloud services
  • Checks email stored in the Cloud and allows you to see it on any Android mobile device
  • Swipe allows you to view emails, snooze them and view them later, or move them to a different folder

Free Mailbox Android App Download

Get the instant free Mailbox Android app download through the exclusive link below:

Mailbox App for Android

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