LG G4 Ultra Likely to be Replacing the LG G Pro 3

The newest LG G4 rumors are the most intriguing as the LG G4 Ultra looks to be in the works for a March 2015 release. One of the top LG Android smartphones looks to be replaced the idea of the Ultra in the next few months. Just when consumers were starting to talk about what many have been expecting to be called the LG G Pro 3, the latest rumors just may be dismissing the notion.

The LG G Pro 2 debuted early last year, and gave us a glimpse of LG version of a Phablet. The 5.9” full HD screen display has quickly become one of LG’s best, but just when the expected LG Pro 3 is to be released the newest 2015 LG G4 rumors conflict.

LG G4 Ultra Rumors

The LG G4 Ultra is said to be replacing the LG G Pro 3 concept entirely, as the idea of concentrating on one flagship series looks to be the most promising approach. As many smartphone manufacturers are showing huge losses in recent year, LG is hoping that the change in mentality will make sure this doesn’t happen.

According to the latest LG G4 Ultra rumors, it is expected to be at least 5.9 inches and may even cross the 6” barrier to be considered one of the largest 2015 Android smartphone releases. Also expected is a Sapphire 4K display, 4- 5 GB of RAM, 3 launch day color options, a 20.7 MP camera, and the optical image stabilization feature. The new Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system will be pre-installed and should be updated to the new Android 5.0.2 OS.

Currently, new 2015 LG G4 Ultra rumors is pointing a late March to early April release date with a starting price of about $900 in the US. Stay tuned for the latest updates from LG G4 Info, which has become the most comprehensive site on the upcoming release.

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