LG G4 Rumors Octa-core Processor, 4 GB RAM, and 21 MP Camera

There is no doubt that that follow-up to the best-selling 2014 Android smartphone will be better than ever, and based on the current rumors it’s easy to see why. The LG G4 looks to be an extension of the LG G3 concept, but the focal specs are already looking much improved. The following on the LG G4 rumors will give you some insight on what to expect when looking at the processor, RAM, and both the front and rear cameras.

LG G4 Rumors

We have been privy to the current leaks and LG G4 rumors surrounding the specs that are expected. One of the focal points will be the new Snapdragon Qualcomm 2.9 ghz processor. Operating with eight cores running in series as there will be four A-57 and four A-53 cores running together.

If the current rumors become a reality, the 810 octa-core processor will make it possible for LG to introduce the 4K screen display that we are hoping for. With a visual display that is four times true HD, it will be argued that the LG G4 display will be the best featured in the coming year.

The processor will significantly improve the speed, precision, and efficiency of the LG G4. The 4 GB of RAM will add the same elements which will enhance the overall user experience. Battery consumption will be less, the processor itself will run cooler, and the speed will significantly enhance multi-tasking capabilities.

New LG G4 rumors surrounding both cameras depict what LG is intending, as the new concept will boast some amazing specs. The front camera is rumored to feature 20-21 megapixels, and the optical image stabilization feature. The OIS makes a huge difference with the overall camera and video quality as it almost eliminates movement that can detract from the overall quality. The rear camera won’t be too shabby either as its expected to feature 5 megapixels.

All this and so much more is expected to debut upon the April 2015 release date.

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