LG G4 Promo Extended for Free Battery and 32GB MicroSD Card Until June 30th

LG has just announced they are extending their promo giving consumers who purchase a new LG G4 an extra battery and microSD card until June 30th. The promo was originally scheduled to end on the 21st, but due to the huge success it’s being extended giving those who are still considering the purchase an extra 1 ½ weeks to decide.

The LG G4 promo is good for only US consumers and doubles the battery life and memory on any new purchase. Consumers love the idea as it’s another way of getting some free stuff, but LG loves the idea even more as it shows off two of the top features of the new flagship.

LG G4 Promo Extended for Free Battery and 32GB MicroSD Card Until June 30th

The G4 battery is removable, which is something that most premium handsets don’t offer. This used to be a standard feature, but over the years manufacturers have looked to creating smartphones with non-removable batteries and a uni-body design.

The LG G4 also supports micro SD support, which is also something that many flagships are getting away from. With an integrated micro SD Card slot, the free 32GB card literally doubles your memory which only means more pictures, songs, apps, and other forms of saved data.

If you’re in the US and considering buying a new LG G4, you can take advantage of this promo until the 30th of this month. You can purchase the phone from any carrier or LG direct, and you can redeem your free battery and micro SD card through the exclusive LG link below.

Get You Free LG G4 Battery and 32GB MicroSD card