LG G4 Pro Launch in October Featuring 27MP Camera, 5.8″ Display, and Snapdragon 820

We’ve been hearing about a premium version of the LG G4 to launch later this year, and now we’re hearing so much more. It’s looking like the LG G4 Pro launch will take place in October, and aside from a full metal body the specs are significantly better than the standard G4 that just debuted weeks ago.

The LG G4 Pro is LG’s answer to the Phablet, and is likely to give both Apple and Samsung a run for their money with their upcoming flagships. The G4 Pro will sport a uni-body metal design that will have an un-removable battery. The ability to swap the battery of the current G4 model is something that consumers have been asking for, but everything else within the Pro version will help them forget all about it.

LG G4 Pro Launch in October Featuring 27MP Camera, 5.8 Display, Snapdragon 820

Featuring a 5.8” display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 and powered by the new Snapdragon 820 SoC, both the visuals and sheer power will be significantly better than the standard G4. 4GB RAM and a robust 27MP rear camera is sure to bring out the photo enthusiast in you. Complimented by an 8MP front cameras, it’ll prove more than enough for those looking for the perfect selfie.

The LG G4 Pro launch here in a few months may be worth considering holding out for the premium version. Hopefully the rumors hold true as it’s only a matter of time as we all know that seeing is believing.