LG G Watch R and Android Wear is the Top Smartwatch and Operating System Today

LG has been making some of the best smart technology and the latest LG smartwatch really takes the cake. Voted as the top Android smartwatch on the market today as there are many reasons and features that will make you think the same. The LG G Watch R is running on the Android Wear operating system and has become an integral part behind the success of the newest LG smartwatch.

The LG G Watch R features begin with an new circular design. While initially it took some time to warm up to, the circular display allowed for better viewing than the standard Android smartwatch displays. Resembling another top Android smartwatch called the Moto 360, it is the only smartwatch to feature a true circular display.

LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R Specs

With a unique display, faster processor, and more internal memory, the LG G Watch R specs are some of the most innovative and advanced. The following are the complete specs of the G Watch R:

  • 3” P-OLED screen display with screen resolution of 320 x 320
  • Snapdragon Qualcomm 400 processor
  • 4 x 53.6 x 11.1mm
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 410 mAh battery
  • Bluetooth 4.0

LG G Watch R Features

The LG G Watch R features come with all of the things you would expect from a premium smartwatch including heart rate, gyro, accelerometer, compass, and barometer sensors. Android Wear comes preinstalled and has been featured as the best Android smartwatch operating system. With the latest updates, the integrated features are much more user friendly.

LG G Watch R Disadvantages

Many consumers have been disappointed with the LG G Watch R leather band. While it may look good, some have said that the high-end quality is lacking. When looking at the price, most would have assumed something much more durable out of a premium LG Smartwatch.

The LG G Watch R price has been a turn off for many as it’s one of the most expensive Android smartwatches on the market. With a price tag of $349, it is more than the Moto 360 and the new Samsung Gear S.

Samsung introduced us to a standalone smartwatch in the Gear S which has become another LG G Watch R disadvantage. The standalone Gear S makes it possible to make and receive calls, texts, and emails without the integration of a smartphone. The Gear S also has 3G connectivity, and the G Watch R  does not have the standalone data or 3G functionality.

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