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LG G Flex 3 or LG G5 to be the First Premium Foldable Smartphone

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LG has already made it clear what their future smartphones would feature, and in 2016 they have announced the introduction of foldable smartphones. The current LG G5 and LG G Flex 3 rumors suggest that both will be released in 2016 so we are almost certain that one, if not both will feature a foldable design.

LG G Flex 3

The foldable concept is an intriguing one, and one that we’re hoping to see. It would probably more fitting in the LG G Flex 3 concept due to the unique nature of the phone itself. Imagine a premium smartphone with the most unique features in one including a flexible display, self-healing back, and a foldable design.

The foldable design also fits the concept of a much larger smartphone. This is another reason to think it would be the LG G Flex 3 instead of the LG G5. Other LG G Flex 3 rumors suggest that the bigger, 6” screen will return along with an octa-core processor and 4K display.

The LG G smartphone concept is already dubbed as a premium device, and typically appeals to high end users. While the foldable concept would be an interesting one, it probably wouldn’t fit in the LG G5 concept.

The LG G Flex concept already features a bendable design, and the upcoming LG G Flex 2 is rumored to bend to a full 90 degrees. The overall concept between the original and the 2nd release will not have any major changes, but enhancements will be seen.

Other rumors between the Flex 2 and the original Flex is an improved self-healing back. Artificial heat is supposed to reduce the time it takes to dissipate blemishes and scratches, and increase what can be healed all-together.

Over the course of the next few months after the LG G Flex 2 February 2015 release date, we are expecting to hear more on both the LG Flex 3 and the LG G5. As more information comes available on LG’s intention of a foldable design, you can expect to hear it here first.

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