LG G Flex 2 Looks to Be the Most Innovative 2015 Smartphone Release

All of the top smartphone manufacturers are looking to bring out the very best in innovational technology with their upcoming releases, and it seems that LG will be doing the same. The rumors on the upcoming LG G Flex 2 shows us that innovation will be huge in the new concept as they look to build upon the success of the LG G Flex.

The original brought forth the first smartphone that was able to feature a true bendable display that not only looked good, but worked. The bendable display is expected to return in the LG G Flex 2 concept, but is expected to be even more innovational. The LG G Flex 2 bendable display is expected to be a full 90 degrees, which is a huge component of the new concept.

LG G Flex 2

The first true bendable display of any premium smartphone is expecting to make its way onto many other smartphones in the coming year as Samsung and HTC phones have also been rumored. There have been new information that leads us to believe that the a version of the LG G4 and HTC One M9 will also feature some unique display features, and just may be the bendable variant.

The current LG G4 rumors on a new bendable version come with three total variants of the G4. The smallest looks to be 5 inches and is expected to be a budget friendly smartphone, the standard looks to be 5.2 inches, and the Ultra looks to be a Phablet style and will boast a 5.7” – 5.8” display. While the bendable G4 display are still somewhat up in the air, they are intriguing to say the least. The HTC rumors are still unclear, and are merely speculating at this time.

The LG G Flex 2 rumors are intriguing, and would really appeal to consumers who loved the original Flex. A bendable display to a full 90 degrees would add a new unique element that would significantly improve on the viewing angles. Only time will tell, but with the expected LG G Flex 2 release date only months away it will be interesting to see.

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