New LG Call App Adds Calling Features to Watch Urbane; Make Phone Calls from Your Wrist

The first LG Watch Urbane exclusive has just been launched into the Google Play Store, and it adds phone functionality controls right to your wrist. You can find the new LG Call app and is now available for download, and gives you the ability to make phone calls right from your wrist while being connected to your phone.

The LG Call app was launched shortly after the release of the LG Watch Urbane, and extends the functionality of one of the best looking smartwatches to-date. The new app literally turns Urbane into a phone in-itself, and at this time it’s the only smartwatch that’s compatible with the new calling app.

New LG Call App Adds Calling Features to Watch Urbane

Right from your wrist, you can scroll through contacts, check out your recent calls, and gives you all the controls to make phone calls using the face of your Urbane.

At first sight through the Google Play, the app is currently only getting 1 out of 5 stars, due in part of LG’s poor marketing of the app itself. Although it’s featured in Google Play, the description doesn’t point out that it’s only compatible with the LG Watch Urbane, and it’s evident that users of other LG smartwatches and miserably failed with the installation. Reading the reviews, this seems to be why there are so many poor customer reviews.

You can find the LG Call app download and extend the calling features of the LG Watch Urbane through the exclusive link to the Google Play Store below.

Download LG Call for Android Wear App from Google Play

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