LG and Huawei to Release two 2015 Nexus Smartphones

Nexus smartphones have taken on a whole different look, and with different manufacturers creating them. LG was the last one responsible for the Nexus 5 more than a year ago, and will be around for at least one more creation this year. The current rumors looks like LG will be releasing the Nexus 6 in a matter of months, but is only be one of two 2015 Nexus smartphones in the works.

New rumors have surfaced citing that there will actually be two different 2015 Nexus smartphones released this year. If the new rumors hold true, Huawei will be teaming up with Google for the 2nd 2015 Nexus release that is rumored to be released during the 4th quarter.

LG and Huawei to Create two 2015 Nexus Smartphones

This will be the first time that Google will be teaming up with a smartphone out of China, but the new rumors makes the most sense. Chinese startups such as Huawei and Xiaomi seems have taken the world by storm for the premium manufactured price, with a budget friendly price. The new Nexus rumors would suggest that Google is hoping to create release a similar smartphone concept with premium specs with a very competitive price.

There have been no official announcement on the specs for a 2015 Huawei/Google Nexus smartphone, but some are suggesting it will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 64-bit chipset. As more information comes available, you can expect to see it here first.

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