Lenovo VR Goggles Announced at Lenovo Tech World 2015 Looks at Gear VR and Occulus in Virtual Reality Gaming

A lot came out of the annual Lenovo Tech World 2015 event, and one of the most talked about tech devices is the VR Goggles. The Lenovo VR Goggles were announced which looks to give both the Gear VR and Occulus Rift a run for their money.

With Lenovo’s debut into virtual reality gaming, the VR Goggles will work with newer Lenovo smartphones. As of right now, not much is known as to which devices, the specific launch date, and the price, but speculation suggests it will be comparable to Samsung’s Gear VR.

Lenovo VR Goggles Announced at Lenovo Tech World 2015

The Lenovo VR Goggles is made of mostly plastic, and uses the smartphones display which sets into the front of the headset. You’ll notice a control on each side as well as the top of the headset which allows users to adjust the left and right lens, while the control on top adjusts focus.

The official announcement comes with functionality with Lenovo smartphones only, but rumors suggest cross-functionality with Motorola handsets as well. If this happens, we could see the release here in the US, UK, and other European markets where Motorola smartphones are sold. Currently, Lenovo smartphones aren’t sold on the global market, which is where the rumors on Motorola functionality comes into play.

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