Lenovo K80 Reviews Praise the Inclusion of 4GB RAM and 4,000 mAh Battery

Lenovo is one of the top rated companies of the current technological market. Recently, it has revealed a new smartphone, called Lenovo K80. Being packed with outstanding specification, the device has been able to draw worldwide attention from the smartphone enthusiasts. Moreover, it has received positive feedback from the top rated smartphone websites, which praise the amazing configuration and features of the smartphone in their Lenovo K80 reviews.

Lenovo K80 Reviews Praise the Inclusion of 4GB RAM and 4,000 mAh Battery

Lenovo K80 Reviews: Phone Arena Admires the 4GB of RAM

In one of the best Lenovo K80 reviews available online, Phone Arena admires the inclusion of 4GB of RAM, which will allow the device to perform outstandingly. It believes that the enhanced RAM has been incorporated with a view to making it a strong competitor against Asus Zenfone 2, which the very first smartphone that features 4GB of RAM. It praises the large 5.5-inch IPS display, which has an outstanding resolution of 1080×1920 px. It also admires the inclusion of the Optical Image Stabilization technology, which allows you to take photos of enhanced quality.

Lenovo K80 Reviews: GSM Arena Praises the Powerful 4,000 mAh Battery

In addition to admiring the 4GB of RAM like other Lenovo K80 reviews, GSM Arena also praises the incorporation of the massive 4,000 mAh battery. The particular component is worthy of the admiration, as it allows you to talk through the device up to 33 hours in 3G network with a full charge. Other things which GSM Arena mentions are: the thickness 8.5 mm, Android Lollipop operating system and the availability in multiple colors, including silver, black and red.

Lenovo K80 Reviews: Android Authority Praises the $300 Price Tag      

Android Authority praises Lenovo for tagging the K80 smartphone with a gettable price of $300. More specifically, it regards the price tag as “aggressive,” which will surely help the device to attract a larger number of cost conscious customers. Similar to the two aforementioned Lenovo K80 reviews, Android Authority admires the incorporation of the plenty of RAM and more powerful battery. It also mentions the inclusion of the 64-bit Intel Atom processor, which allows the device to perform at an incredible pace.

Overall, the latest smartphone of the Chinese company has received a great feedback from most of the Lenovo K80 reviews. So, if you have any plan to purchase a budget friendly and bigger sized smartphone, Lenovo K80 is the right choice for you.

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