Kodak Smartphones Confirmed, Revealed at CES in January 2015

As the age of standalone cameras has all-but come to an end, Kodak looks to take their talents elsewhere in the coming year. Kodak has recently confirmed that they will start producing smartphones, as they look to integrate some of the best looking camera phones. The official debut of Kodak smartphones will comes at the CES annual event at the end of January as we’ll soon get our first look.

It’s believed that the new Kodak smartphones will be operating on the Android operating system and will pre-installed with the new Android 5.0. While much is still unknown on the specs of the phone itself, but we are certain that both the front and rear cameras will be the focus.

Kodak Smartphones

Kodak has become synonymous for their digital cameras, and if the name holds true then we are in for a real treat. As cameras have become one of the most popular features of any smartphone, integrating greatness into something we need is bound to create something spectacular.

The new Kodak smartphones release date is expected to be in the first half of 2015 followed by Android tablets by the end of the year. More will be provided to the public as there is little information on both at this time.

Both the smartphone and Kodak tablets are expected to integrate printing as a huge feature. Aside from the Kodak branding, it will take much more to gain consumer confidence as Kodak smartphones and tablets are still an unknown. A 3D camera feature in its debut will be nice as 3d smartphone technology will be the next big thing. Most analysts believe that they can pull it off in their first line of 4G Kodak smartphones, but like most, we have to see it to believe it.

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