iOnRoad Augmented Driving Premium Android App Review

For those of you looking for some amazing vehicle safety features without having to pay the high priced cost of a car with all the bells and whistles, then check out this in-depth Android app review. iOnRoad Augmented Driving is like having a car with all the security features including car bumper alarms, road marking sensors, and even alerts with when vehicles are traveling too close, but right from your smartphone.

iOnRoad Augmented Android app gives you the peace of mind of having all of the latest and greatest vehicle security features, but only cost $4.99 to get them. By simply installing and downloading the premium featured Android app right on you smartphone, you can turn any driving endeavor into one of the safest.

The Premium iOnRoad Augmented Android app gives you all the features for only a one-time fee of $4.99. There is also a Lite version that is free, but the limited amount of options will have you wanting more. The app uses the built in smartphone camera, sensors, and GPS to alert of driving conditions, unsafe hazards, and reacts in real-time.

iOnRoad Augmented Driving Android App

iOnRoad Augmented Android App Features

All of the top iOnRoad Augmented Android App Features are below:

  • By using the standard features of any supported Android smartphone you can become a safer driver and be forewarned of all road safety hazards in real-time
  • Using the visual smartphone display you can have real-time driving practices
  • Integrated smartphone sensors allows the app to calculate speed and approaching road safety concerns and sounds alarms to help a driver become more responsive in real-time
  • Car locator feature allows you to take a picture and makes finding your car a breeze using the step by step GPS car locator feature
  • Compatible with many other GPS enabled apps such as Google Maps, Navigon, Telenav, Trapster, Garmin Nuvi, and many others
  • The iOnRoad Augmented App runs in the background which helps conserve battery power
  • There is a free Lite version with less features and is add-supported

Premium iOnRoad Augmented Android App Download

This Premium iOnRoad Augmented Android App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, and only costs $4.99, once. Simply click on the exclusive link below and get connected with the #1 app store for Android mobile devices.

iOnRoad Augmented Android