India Xiaomi Starting Home Pickup/Drop Off In hopes of Improving Post Sales Customer Service

For those living in India, Xiaomi really wants your business, and their willing to come to your house in order to prove it to you. In hopes of improving customer service post-sales, India Xiaomi is starting a home pickup/drop off for those needing repairs, service, or other help from the tech manufacturer.

Xiaomi has taken criticism throughout the country for the lack of after-sales support, and the new India Xiaomi initiative is aimed in improving this. This will start out in limited areas throughout the country and is expected to be available throughout in a matter of time.

India Xiaomi Starting Home PickupDrop Off In hopes of Improving Post Sales Customer Service

The pickup and drop off service will be available for products under warranty and without warranty, and Xiaomi is looking to make this as fast, and customer service oriented as possible. Xiaomi is looking to have repaired products picked up and dropped off within 24 hours with more elaborate repairs taking longer.

Consumers in India will need to make an appointment, and can call 8001036268 to schedule a pickup or get, find out the available service areas, or for general information for the Xiaomi pickup and drop off service in India. The price of the service will cost just under Rs. 100 plus any applicable taxes.

It’s believed the Xiaomi service will also become available in other markets such as the US when local centers open in the coming months.

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