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Huawei Watch to Launch in Q3 in US and Europe, Delayed in China until 2016

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The much anticipated Huawei Watch launch will be during Q3 of this year, but not for all markets. It seems as though consumers in the US and many European markets will get their hands on the much anticipated Android smartwatch this year, but those in China will be waiting until early 2016 to get their first hands-on. Early, it was reported that the delays in China would be minimal which significantly differ from what’s being reported now.

The Huawei Watch launch in China is being delayed due to an issue with the Android Wear operating system and functionality in the Chinese market that will take longer than expected to resolve. Google’s operating system is less popular in China than many western markets, and retooling the operating system to make it functional for consumers takes time.

Huawei Watch to Launch in Q3 in US and Europe, Delayed in China until 2016

The launch delay in China wont’ effect those of us here in the states and Europe as it’s still expected to arrive during Q3, and possibly as early as September. Android Wear is a much more prominent platform for US and European consumers which account for the ease in compatibility in western markets. Preorders have already started in some markets which is good news for consumers who have been waiting for a truly amazing smartwatch.

The transition for market specific consumers will take a lot less time and shouldn’t hinder the technological aspects of the Huawei’s smartwatch. Those in China will see a slightly different version of the Huawei Watch including smaller frame that will seem less bulky than the model launched in other markets.

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