Beta Testers Wanted for the Huawei Mate 2 Android 5.0 Update

Alright, so most people are probably getting tired of hearing about Android 5.0 this and Lollipop that, except for the people who have yet to see it. Those who’ve been awaiting 5.0 for the Huawei Mate 2 can be one of the first ones to see it for them as Huawei is looking for beta testers to take Lollipop for a spin.

The Huawei Mate 2 Android 5.0 update is almost here, but before it’s launched for all to download, the company is looking for those willing to provide some good, honest feedback. You can sign up to become a Mate 2 Lollipop beta tester through the link to follow as this has become a very popular way for manufacturers to bring consumers into the actual production process.

Beta Testers Wanted ; Huawei Mate 2 Android 5.0 Update

For those who own the Huawei Mate 2 can still sit back and relax as the final OTA update will be out by the end of June. Not everyone will see Lollipop at the same time as it typically takes a couple of weeks for an OTA install to reach all handsets worldwide.

If you’re currently beta testing Android 5.0 for the Mate 2, let us know what you think through the comments below. If you’re interested, you can check out the official details, see what others are saying, or apply to become a beta tester through this exclusive link.

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