HTC One M9 Ink Debuts, Looking to Debut Limited Edition M9’s to Help Boost Sales

HTC has just announced yet another limited edition M9 after a partnership between tattoo artist Cally-Jo and model Jourdan Dunn. The latest just debuted as the HTC One M9 Ink which is the resemblance of an Ink inspirational picture on the rear of the handset.

Sporting similar specs as the standard M9 version, but offers consumers more of a unique approach to HTC’s newest flagship. The limited edition model joins the UEFA Champions HTC One M9 that debuted last month.

HTC One M9 Ink Debuts, Limited Edition Ink Gallery Inspiration

Although they haven’t said it publicly, it seems that HTC is looking for ways of boosting sales of the HTC One M9. Sales reports suggests the M9 is selling well less than expected globally, and at this point anything unique may just help. The M9 was everything but as it was more of the same-old-same-old when comparing it to last year’s HTC One M8. The dismal sales has a lot to do with the current drop in HTC shares which is being reported to be about 50% less than before the launch of the M9.

There’s no official release date or HTC One M9 Ink price, although we’re not expecting any significant difference. With similar specs, but different rear design anything significantly more in price is likely to deter consumers even more.

Who knows what partnership HTC has in-store for us next, but wouldn’t a Star Wars limited edition model be cool? With the upcoming movie late this year, not that it’s been rumored, but a Star Wars HTC One M9 variant would certainly be something to look forward to.

We’ll update you as soon as we get the official release date and price for the limited edition HTC One M9 Ink.