HTC One M9+ Debuts in China, Not Likely to Be Released Worldwide

The Chinese smartphone market is the largest in the world, and HTC is showing its love to those who support what they do best. The HTC One M9 debuted worldwide on April 10th, and a few days ago we received word that it will be followed by the larger version called the HTC One M9+. The China debut sparked a lot of debate in markets worldwide as the official word is that others are not likely to see it.

The HTC One M9+ will be the bigger brother of the One M9 that will sport premium specs and a higher price point. While consumers are calling the M9 a much better rendition of the somewhat of the same M8, the M9+ will be bigger and better.

HTC One M9+ Debuts in China, Not Likely to Be Released Worldwide

The M9+ will feature a 5.2” 2K screen, MediaTek octa-core processor, and the DUO camera with a 20 MP rear-shooter. Features include enhanced BoomSound speakers and a 360 degree responsive fingerprint scanner on the front of the phone.

The M9+ will be the second release in the M9 series as a cheaper, plastic model called the HTC One M9e was just made official, and will also only be released in China. As of this time, no official China HTC OneM9+ release date and price has been given, but we’re expecting both the big brother and little brother to be launched over the next two weeks.

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