HTC is the First OEM to Announce their Android M, 6.0 Update Promising Much More to Come

HTC wasted no time at all becoming the first OEM to publicly announce their intentions of Android M, Android 6.0 update. Although, saying that two of their newest HTC flagships, the One M9 and M9+ will be getting the new Android operating system update surprises no one, it comes one day after it’s officially announced.

When Lollipop was first announced this time last year, HTC publicly stated that they would have the update in less than 90 days, but no such statement this time around. For those who remember, HTC was unable to meet the 90 day goal due to numerous delays that most OEM’s faced with the Lollipop roll-out.

HTC is the First OEM to Announce their Android M, 6.0 Update

No other devices were mentioned including the HTC One M8, although it’s almost a foregone conclusion. The One M8 is currently the most talked about HTC flagship that was launched less than 2 months ago, but faced criticism due to the poor camera quality and same old design.

It’s certain that many OEM’s will follow suit and state their intentions in the coming months, as consumers will be looking for a timeframe for when, where, and how long. We’ll be bringing you all the details including current Lollipop updates as many are still waiting the newest versions.

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